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history of japan wikipedia the first human habitation in the japanese archipelago has been traced to prehistoric times. the jmon period named after its cordmarked pottery was followed by the yayoi in the first millennium bc when new technologies were introducedom continental asia.jmon period wikipedia the jmon period jmon jidai is the time in japanese prehistory traditionally dated between c. 14000300 bce recently refined to about 1000 bce during which japan was inhabited by a huntergatherer culture which reached a consrablegree of sntism and culturalplexity.course descriptions department of anthropology course descriptions. anth 1010 introduction to anthropology this course surveys and explains the cultural linguistic and biological legacy of humankindom antiquity to the present using the research tools of anthropology.outstanding acmic titles awards amp grants about the outstanding acmic titles this prestigious list reflects the best in scholarly titles reviewed by choice and brings with it the extraordinary recognition of the acmic librarymunity.

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