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the one jewish state solution by gilad atzmon the unz some of the more advanced israel/palestinementators have agreed amongst themselves that the onestate solution amounts to empty talk for the simple reason that palestine is onestate already it has natural bors one electric grid and even one international predial number 972.jews wikipedia jews hebrew iso 2593 yehudim israeli pronunciation or jewish people are an ethnoreligious group and a nation originatingom the israelites and hebrews of historical israel and judah.the illuminati and the protocols. jah home page the illuminati and the council on foreign relations oneworldgovernment conspiracy. and. the protocols of the learned ers of zion

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alnakba the palestinian catastrophe we are an entirely volunteeranization with limited resources which we leverage by working in partnership with other local regional and nationalanizations and with individual supporters who share ourmitment to justice foud upon historical truth and international law.how the world really works global elite ruling elite how the world really works global financial oligarchy there is a shadowy group of plutocrats running multinational corporations controlling the media narrative manipulating the money supply influencing governments generating chaos and provoking wars in or to further their agendas.israeli prime ministers who were terrorists and war the hypertexts israeli prime ministers who were terrorists and war criminals why does israel keep electing terrorists serial killers and proponents of racism apartheid ethnic cleansing genoc and war to its highest offices?

the american zionist assault on israel daniel gordis american jews and israeli jews are hed for a messy breakup a column by jonathan weisman announced in the new york times earlier this week.israel is bad for america by philip giraldi the unz review israel won the wars. israel will not give any more land back most likely ever. that should just be accepted as a given just like the us is never giving back okinawa.